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Changing Officers

Changing Officers

The Covid Pandemic altered the way the SCHS Board and everyone else did business starting in March of 2019. The effort to sort items came to a halt.  Work still progressed but at a much slower pace.

In 2020, a new roof was installed on the corner building

Deposits were found that show Gordon Buckner donated the money to purchase the building

In 2021, marketing materials were created highlighting the goals of the Society and requesting membership

A draft of an updated Bylaws proposal was completed to be presented to the members at the 3rd Quarter meeting.

During a meeting of the Board, it was proposed that Arline Borchers assume the role of President, Phyllis Moore become Vice-President while Treasure and Secretary positions remain the same.  Kim Betz was selected to take the Officer position that Phyllis left.  This sets up a staggard role for future elections so the entire panel of officers do not change.

Due to the finding of Gordon’s money to purchase the Building, the Board decided to going forward call the corner building, the Gordon Buckner Building.  We hope he would be excited by the opportunities we are planning.

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